Byfield Recon 10x42 Polarised Binoculars

Brand: Byfield OpticsByfield Optics

Byfield Optics has developed a world first true Polarised Binoculars with the built in "integrated polarised optical array". The Polarised lens offers exceptional performance in harsh light conditions such as viewing over water or reflective surfaces, this polarised light that the viewer sees ensures that obtaining the perfect focus is easy and achievable due to the comfortable and polarised light.

All Byfield Optics Recon 10x42 Polarised Bincoulars is equipped with a specially cut polarised lens array that is focally aligned to the vertical plain and provides 100% coverage across the lens assembly. These binoculars work exceptionally well over Water, Snow, fog and viewing through glass or near reflective surfaces.

If you are looking for anti-glare binoculars, the Byfield Recon will surely not disappoint. 

Key Features of the Byfield Recon 10x42:

  • Patent pending "integrated polarised lens system”
  • Bak-4 Roof Prism system
  • High Definition Lenses
  • O-Ring Sealed and Nitrogen charged
  • Water Proof/ Fog Proof/ Dust Proof
  • Non-Slip Ergonomic Rubber Outer Skin
  • Light weight
  • Clear crisp resolution and fidelity
  • Smooth adjustment focus wheel
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