Proshot L4.7 Laser Level

Brand: Proshot LasersProshot Lasers

Made in the USA, and one of Australia's most popular building and construction laser level, the Pro Shot L4.7 is the latest model in the ever popular L4 series.

It is for builders, commercial contractors and concrete placers.

The Pro Shot L4.7 can be used for automatic horizontal levelling and manual vertical levelling.

Builders, commercial contractors and concrete placers need to use an automatic compensated laser with a high accuracy of between +/- 1.0mm to 1.6mm per 30m (7-10" sec arc) and a high accuracy receiver.  This is typically the accuracy you will acheive with a good calibrated dumpy level. The Pro Shot L4.7 has these high specifications and is one of the best built, best backed laser levels of it's type available anywhere.

No other building laser has a higher accuracy than the L4.7 models.

It's more accurate and lets you do more kinds of alignment than any other laser in it's price range. The L4.7 is designed to set out the biggest commercial building down to the small back yard garage or farm shed.

The 5 Year guardian warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship PLUS the internal leveling mechanism, laser diode, optics and rotating mirror against damage from any cause.


L4.7 laser specifications

- Accuracy: +/-7 arc seconds (+/-1.0mm at 30 metres)
- Operating Diameter: 460 metres
- Self Levelling Type: Precision compensator
- Rotation Speed: 600 RPM
- Laser Type: 670nm, Class 2
- Water & Dust Protection: Waterproof to IP56
- Operating Temperature: -10 deg C to +50 deg C
- Weight: 1.79kg
- Battery Power: 4 x 'C' Size Alkaline or NiMH batteries
- Battery Life: 110 hours (alkaline)/60 hours (NiMH)
- Warranty: 3 Years
- Knockdown Warranty:
3 Years



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