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  • Abney Level

    Used to determine slope angle, tree heights etc Graduated 0-+/-90 degrees, 0-+/-100% on a stationary arc Vernier reads to 10’ Scale pointer incorporates friction thumb lock Includes carry case
  • Cut and Fill Rod

    When the cut and fill rod is moved around the site, differences in ground height can be easily determined by reading directly off the rod. No calculations are required. Features: combination cut/fill AND normal laser levelling rod in ONE No … Read More
  • Deviation measuring wedge with handle

    Replacement MRTS deviation measuring wedge.  This is a simple wedge measuring device to comply with MRTS05 requirements. Features: Measures from 1 – 30mm. 2 Options: Long handle (725mm) Short handle (145mm).
  • Double Optical Square

    Double right angle Prism Slide Cover to protect prism Leather pouch Standard Package- Double optical Square inc carry pouch
  • Dymark IDEAL Marker Pens

    Features: Valve-action marker Dye-based permanent ink Fitted with heavy duty bullet shaped replaceable tip Handy pocket clip
  • Floor to ceiling laser jamb pole

    Laser jamb poles are used in conjunction with other laser accessories in a wide variety of interior fit-out work such as tile work, finishing, electrical work, installation work, cabinetry and etc. A laser jamb pole is a single telescopic laser … Read More
  • JackJaw Stake and Post Extractors

    Stake and Post Extractors That Work! Designed and patented by a concrete contractor, JackJaw® extractors make an easy task of pulling stakes and posts. With a couple pumps of the handle, stakes and posts will break loose. JackJaw Models Remove: … Read More
  • Long Arm Handle for spray paint marking

    Marking Handles Gives you that extra reach when you need it Assists in preventing back strain Improves efficiency and makes application less fatiguing Lightweight aluminium construction Long Arm Handle and 2-Wheel Spot Marking Handle is suitable for use with Spray … Read More
  • Slope-Meter No. 2 Mechanical Slopemeter

    Slope-Meter “No. 2 NS” is used to determine “percent of grade” and is calibrated to read from .00 to .12 (0-12%).  The “No. 2NS” aids the operator and speeds work on motor graders, asphalt pavers, wheel ditches, tunnelling machines, and … Read More
  • Staff/ Pole bubble – metal, powder coated, adjustable

    Features: Die-cast aluminum body Adjustable vial Fits round or rectangular rods Specification: Material: Aluminum Weight: 90g
  • Suunto KB14 Global Compass

    Suunto bearing compasses are designed to combine extreme accuracy with ease and speed of operation. The accuracy is 1/3°, graduation 1/2° and the compass weighs only 115 g. The flat, compact housing is designed to stand up to heavy-duty wear. … Read More
  • Tripod Star

    Tripod Leg retaining brace to to stop slippage or marking the floor surface, used both indoor and outdoor.