A wide variety of fixed length and Telescopic Poles. GPS, Total Station and general purpose.

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  • 1 Metre & 30cm Aluminium Pole extension

    Comes in two sizes: 1m or 30cm Robust Aluminium design 5/8″11 male and female thread
  • 2m two Piece GPS Pole

    A lightweight Carbon Fibre two-pieced suitable for all GPS/GNSS/GIS applications Features a male 5/8 x 11 tip and bubble Has a fixed-height of 2 meters split in two sections
  • Floor to ceiling laser jamb pole

    Laser jamb poles are used in conjunction with other laser accessories in a wide variety of interior fit-out work such as tile work, finishing, electrical work, installation work, cabinetry and etc. A laser jamb pole is a single telescopic laser … Read More
  • Telescopic Prism Pole 2.6M for Total Station Surveying

    Features: Twist Lock Prism Pole Aluminum Tubing Two-stage Adjustable Top-threaded Tip Circular Bubble Electrostatic Powder Paint Coating Dual Graduations (Imperial Unit/ Metric Unit) Graduated Range 155cm to 265cm (5.1ft to 8.7ft) 5/8 x 11 Screw Thread Close Length 146cm Weight: … Read More