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  • Leica Piper 100/200 Pipe Laser

    The most versatile pipe lasers in the market, the Leica Piper 200 and 100 bring exceptional performance, accuracy, and simplicity to sewer construction and pipe applications. The compact Piper fits inside a 100 millimeter (4 inches) pipe, assuring easy and … Read More
  • Nedo TUBUS 2 Green Beam Pipe Laser

    Nedo Pipe Laser TUBUS 2 Green. Easy to operate. Extremely robust. Visibility: outstanding Green laser beams are four times as visible to the human eye as red beams with the same power. For this reason, the Nedo TUBUS 2 Pipe … Read More
  • Spectra Precision DG 613 Pipe Laser

    Features New reduced length allows easy set-up even in tight inverts Large, bright, graphical user interface makes the screen easier to see and use when in or out of the pipe. Same graphical user interface can be seen on the … Read More
  • Topcon TP-L6 Pipe Laser

    Features: -15% to +40% grade capability to suit every job Self levelling so you know you are working accurately Left/right beam line control High-contrast easy-to-read display panel Increased beam clarity & brightness – available in red or green beam World’s … Read More