2D/ 3D Machine Control Systems



MOBA 3D-MATIC 3D Machine Control for Graders


With the MOBA 3D machine control system, motor graders achieve highly precise results. This machine control system is easy to operate and use. The work process is accelerated, making surveying work and manual control measurements are no longer necessary.

On the well-organized 7 inch touch-screen display, the driver sees the actual position and the derivation to the digital model. If no project data is available, simple profiles can also be created with the system.

3D control GNSS or TPS – this system continuously determines the position of the grader and sends the data to the on board computer. Incoming actual values are compared with set values here and are regulated directly by the GS506. This makes it possible always to move the machine completely freely on open terrain.

3D-MATIC Operating Control Panel

  • Visualisation of the 3D workflow and all important information
  • Transfer of saved data via USB interface
  • 7 inch transflective colour display
  • Intuitive operation

Technical data:

  • Voltage range: 8..30V DC, up to 1,5 A
  • Display: 7” Color TFT Display, 800 x 480 pixel, 15:9, 600 cd/m², Adjustable background illumination, Ambient light sensor
  • Operator interface: Illuminated membrane keyboard, Touch panel, Speaker
  • Enclosure: Aluminium with powder coating

Controller, MPC-“3D-Pro”


  • Integrated 2D and 3D controller in a single housing (optional)
  • Processes all measured values transmitted by the sensors
  • Compares target and actual values and regulates the hydraulics accordingly

GNSS Antenna

3D MATIC use with GNSS sensor: precise leveling is possible even without visual contact, and in all weather conditions. There are no restrictions, since the machine can be flexibly moved in difficult terrain.

Assesses the exact position of the machine within a terrain via GNSS coordinates, thereby reducing manual surveying to up to 90% and optimizing usability. The antenna is easy to handle for installation as well as servicing.

  • Single and Dual GNSS
  • Easy handling for installation and servicing
  • Receives the position and elevation data of the machine

Leica Viva TS16P Robotic Total Station (TPS)

3D MATIC with total station: precise leveling is possible even where there is no satellite reception (i.e. in tunnels, as only visual contact from the prism to the total station is ensured). With the total station, the system achieves maximum accuracy in the millimeter range.


  • Angular Accuracy: 5”, 3” or 1”
  • 360° prism Powersearch Range 300m
  • Leica Captivate Field Software with apps
  • Windows EC7 Operating System
  • 2GB Internal Memory with SD Card Options
  • IP55 Dust/Water Protection
  • 5.3 – 6kg Weight Including Battery
  • 5” WGA Colour Touch Display