Robotic Total Stations

Focus 35 Robotic Total Station


The Spectra Precision FOCUS 35 is a new range of motorised total stations providing high speed, accuracy and precision in measurement. The FOCUS 35 robotic instrument moves the power of the observer from the instrument to the range pole, improving efficiency.

You control all the functions of the FOCUS 35 from the range pole with controller as you move through the job site making measurements. This makes it possible for a single operator to perform high accuracy stakeout, layout or topographic surveys by themselves.

Key Features:

  • Spectra Precision Survey Pro™ software on-board
  • Available in 1″, 2″, 3″ and 5″ angle accuracies
  • Long-range, reflectorless distance measurement
  • StepDrive™ motion technology
  • LockNGo™ tracking technology
  • Available RX models with extended operation dual battery system
  • High-precision prism measurements
  • GeoLock™ GPS-assist technology

Kit inclusions:

  • Robotic Total Station
  • Composite Tripod
  • Prism Pole
  • 360 Prism
  • Data Collector
  • Charger kits
  • Batteries
  • Manuals
  • Rugged carry case

Optional Extra’s

Back-sight Kit

Composite Tripod


Field Books