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Fulcrum benefits customers in every stage of the data cycle

If you work on form design, personnel management, field data collection, QA/QC, reporting, analysis, etc, this platform has workflow-enhancing features to make whatever you do a whole lot easier.


Eliminate workflow redundancy by easily building customised mobile forms in your browser. No coding knowledge required.

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Speed up communication by instantly deploying your customised forms to your mobile workforce in the field.


Collect data online or offline in the field with Fulcrum for Android or iOS, then sync it to the office. Stop wasting time on illegible handwriting and redundant data transcription.

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Make faster, more informed decisions from your data using many powerful visualisation options, QA, and other data management tools.


Expand your capabilities by integrating your own database systems, setting up custom notifications, building automation tools using the Fulcrum API, and more.

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