Field Books

Markrite Field Books



 Side opening Books:

BKS100 (190 x 120mm)
Rise and Fall. (80 Leaves.)
BKS102 (190 x 120mm)
Lines one side (with columns) with facing 2mm Graph. (80 Leaves.)
BKS105 (190 x 120mm)
Rise and Fall Left and Right Cross Sections.
(80 Leaves.)
BKS106 (195 x 135mm)
Two Ruled verticals and lines. (80 Leaves.)
BKS107 195 x 125mm.
Collimation. (80 Leaves.)

Top opening books:

BKS101 (200 x 125mm)
BKS104 (150 x 100mm)
Two ruled verticals and lines.(80 Leaves.)


BKS103 (200 x 125mm)
Two ruled verticals and two and ten millimeter
graph sectionals. (80 Leaves.)

BKS109 (195 x 130mm)
Blank page with two ruled verticaals. (80 Leaves.)