Laser Indication Machine Mounted Receivers

MR825WD wireless machine mounted receiver


The Lasers MR825WD wireless machine mounted receiver is specifically designed for earthmovers, excavating and large civil construction jobs.  Having all the information inside your cab saves time jumping in and out or having a second person on the ground checking your work.  The receiver is extremely well built and water tight and has dampening between the receiver and the mounting options.


  • 360 Degree Sensors for all round reception
  • Large 260mm Reception Window
  • Two Way RF Transmission between Receiver and In-Cab display unit
  • Accuracy settings +/-5mm , 10mm and 20mm
  • Blade Tilt Function
  • Plumb Swing Function (Excavator Mode)
  • Laser Received Height Flash
  • Magnetic and Clamp Mounts (receiver)
  • Windscreen, Magnetic and Clamp Mounts (In-Cab unit)
  • IP66 water and dust tight
  • Internal Ni-Mh battery and Mains Charger (receiver), “AA” batteries for In-Cab.
  • WRD In-Cab Repeater Unit and Cables
  • Operates with Red Beam Rotating Lasers, Range 200m (class 3 lasers).
  • Two Year Warranty