Mechanical Total Stations

Omni 2” Total Station



  • 2” 600m Reflectorless Measurement Range
  • Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Data Collection
  • Built-in Construction and Survey Application Software (Arc Staking Out, Road Staking Out Measurement, Job Management, etc.)
  • Illuminated Dual-Side LCD Display
  • Green/Red Telescope Guide Lights Provides Efficient Guidance in a Range Up to 150m
  • Reliable Large Volume Memory with a Standard 4GB SD Card
  • The IP66 Rating Ensures Durability for Most Any Rough Job Site Temperatures and Conditions
  • One Battery Lasts up to 26 Hours or About Four Days of Normal Operation Time
  • Bundled RTS202 Data Exchange Software for Data Transfer and Data Format Conversion


Total Station Technical Data:

Length 156mm
Image Erect
Objective Aperture 45mm
Magnification 30X
Field of View 1°30’
Mini Focus Distance 1.0m
Reticle Illumination 10 Brightness Levels
Guide Light Green LED (524nm) and Red LED  (626nm), Operating range: 1.3 to 150m (4.3 to 490ft.)
Angle Measurement
Reading System Absolute Encoder For 100 Series
Circle Diameter 79mm
Angle Unit Degree/Gon, Selectable
Minimum Display 1’’/5’’/10’’, Selectable Or 0.2mgon/1mgon/2mgon, Selectable
Detecting Mode Both Circles Adopt the Diametrical Detection
Accuracy 2’’


Distance Measurement
Laser Wavelength 650-690nm
Reflectorless Class3R (IEC60825-1)
Reflector Sheet Class3R (IEC60825-1)
Prism Class 1 (IEC60825-1)
MEASUREMENT RANGE (Overcast, No Haze, Visibility About 30km; No Heat  Shimmer)
–Reflectorless 1 to 600m
–Single Prism 1 to 3000m/Class1, 1000 to 7000m/Class3R
–Reflective Sheet/RP60 1 to 800m
–Prism Mode 2mm+2ppm
–Reflective Sheet/RP60 3mm+2ppm
–Reflectorless Mode 3mm+2ppm(1-200m)/5mm+3ppm(>200m)
–Prism 1.0-1.5s
–Reflective Sheet/RP60 typical 1.5s
–Reflectorless Mode typical 1.5-5s, max 20s
Display Resolution 0.2mm/1mm (M/Inch Selectable)
Temperature Unit ℃/℉, Selectable
Pressure Unit Hpa/Mmhg/Inchhg, Selectable
Temperature Input Range -40℃to + 60℃ (1℃ Steps)
Pressure Input Range 500hpa to 1500hpa (1hpa Steps)
Prism Constant Condition -99.9mm to +99.9mm
Refraction and Earth Curvature Correction OFF/0.14/0.2, Selectable
Reflecting Prism Constant Correction -99.9mm to +99.9mm


Level Vial Sensitivity
Plate Level 30’’/2mm
Circular Level 8’/2mm


Compensation Dual-Axis
System Liquid Type
Range ±3’
Setting Accuracy 1’’


Laser Plummet (Mounted on The  Bottom of The Vertical Axis)
Accuracy ±1mm/1.5m
Laser Class Class 2/IEC60825-1
Laser Wavelength 635nm


System/Data Communication
CPU 32-Bit
EDM Technology Digital Signal Processing
Internal Memory 128MB
External SD Card Standard 4GB
Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR
I/O Connectors USB 2.0, RS232C, SD Card Slot, Bluetooth
Display Double Sides, LCD 6 Lines × 20 Characters (96 × 160 Dots)
Built-in Application Coordinate, Stake Out, Area, Offset, MLM, REM, Point Projection, Line  Stake Out, Traverse, Inverse, Polarize, Repeat Measure, Arc Staking Out, Road  Calculation


Battery 3400mah Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Voltage 7.4V DC
Continuous Operation Time Approx. 26 Hours (At +20℃,  Single Distance Measurement Every 30s)
Chargers FDJ6-Li (100V to 240V)
Charging Time Approx. 4 Hours


Dimension 175×178×340mm(W×D×H)
Weight 5.1kg
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +50℃
Waterproof/Dustproof IP66 (IEC60529)


Standard Accessories:
Instrument Suitcase x1
Hex Key x1
Correct Pin x4
Soft Brush x1
Lens Cloth x1
Charger x1
User Guide x1
4GB SD Card x1
USB Cable x1
RS232C Cable x1
Reflective Sheet RP60 x1
Reflective Sheet RP30 x4
3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery x2