Surveying Consumables

Survey Pegs


All stakes are bundled and sold in packs for easy transportation and manual handling. The stakes can be supplied as a plain stake or with a painted white top (nominally 300mm) which stands out and is visible as a survey marker when viewed at a distance, or for the mining machinery operators. The white paint also provides an excellent clear writing surface for any notes required.

We supply a range of  sizes, from the 1500mm right down to what is known in the industry as the ‘dumpy peg’, the 200x25x25mm or 300x25x25mm size stakes. Our most popular sellers however remain to be the 750x25x25mm, the 900x25x25mm and the 1200x25x25mm with Painted White Tops. For drill and blast applications most clients like to use the 600x25x25mm to hang the Det cord off or marking out the holes.

Note: Hardwood Timber Survey Stakes are sometimes referred to as Tomato Stakes, Wooden Pegs, Dumpies, Dumpy Pegs, Timber Garden Stakes.